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Keyless Entry System Benefits

More and more, property owners are discovering the benefits of having a keyless entry system for their vehicle or business. Whether it came standard with your vehicle, or you’re looking to have an access control system outfitted for your commercial property, a keyless entry system can not only increase your security but make your daily routine more convenient. A keyless entry system is one of the best investments you can make in your property’s security to ensure that there is no unauthorized access.

What Is a Keyless Entry System?

So what does the term “keyless entry” actually mean? Keyless entry refers to any system involving doors that allows them to be locked without keys. Keyless entry is a form of access control. On vehicles, this means using a remote fob instead of a key, and possibly also a push button remote starter for the engine. For businesses, keyless entry refers to systems such as card access systems and digital keypads. Many companies have found keyless entry to be greatly beneficial to their overall security. Manufacturers have all but abandoned physical keys in favor of keyless entry for their new models.

What Are the Benefits of Keyless Entry?

Keyless entry has gained popularity as fast as it has for a reason—it’s very effective at keeping out unwanted parties from a secured property. Read on to see how keyless entry can benefit your vehicle or business.

For Vehicles

The keyless entry systems on cars manufactured in the last ten years employ state-of-the-art technology that prevents thefts, break-ins, and vandalism while making it more convenient than ever to lock and unlock your vehicle. If your vehicle was not manufactured with a keyless entry system, you can contact a locksmith to discuss whether you can upgrade your system to be keyless. Many makes and models of vehicles can be upgraded to keyless entry at an affordable price.

  1. Unlock Your Vehicle Easily: If you have your hands full, all it takes is the push of a button to unlock your doors or pop your trunk. You no longer have to juggle for keys in the middle of the parking lot after a grocery trip or an exhausting day at work. One of the major factors of keyless entry is the convenience it gives the driver. You also never have to worry about the keys falling into the wrong hands.
  2. Better Protection for Your Vehicle: Arguably the most important reason for a keyless entry system on your vehicle is that it greatly increases your car or truck’s security. It is very hard to get into a vehicle without physical locks, unless the culprit smashes a window or uses a crowbar, two techniques that have a tendency of drawing a great deal of unwanted attention.
  3. Less Chance of a Lockout: While you still have to keep track of your keyless remote, usually people find this to be easier than carrying around a set of bulky keys. Never worry about losing your keys again. Keyless entry also eliminates the risk of a key breaking off in its lock. 
  4. Attractive, Modern Design: Keyless entry eliminates the need for physical keyholes, which contributes to a sleek and eye-catching design. This suites the style of most vehicles being manufactured and driven today.
  5. Added Security Features: Depending on the make and model of the vehicle, the system may employ additional security measures to keep your vehicle safe and protected.

For Businesses

Businesses around the country, especially in sensitive industries such as healthcare and technology, have adopted keyless entry systems to give them effective access control. This type of technology has changed the way we interact with businesses. Protect your employees, company assets, and sensitive information with a keyless entry system. While having the system installed and setup can be an investment up front, it allows you to maintain the edge you need in today’s competitive economy.

  1. Eliminates Key Concerns: When you have multiple employees who handle keys, mistakes can happen. The keys can fall into the wrong hands, putting your business’s security at risk. However, with a keyless entry system, this problem is eliminated. Instead of keys, a key card reader, keypad, digital lock, or biometric scanner is used to lock and unlock the doors.
  2. Easy to Grant and Revoke Access: Instead of having to copy keys for all of your employees, a keyless entry system usually has the capability to afford or revoke access to employees. You can also manage different levels of accessibility for supervisors and other managerial staff.
  3. Track Comings and Goings Easy: Most keyless entry systems have many features that allow the business owner to easily track every time each door is accessed, as well as whose credentials were used, and when access is denied for any particular reason. This allows you to keep a tight handle on your business’s security and identify any suspicious behavior. This type of system can be integrated with features such as security cameras to create a sophisticated net of commercial protection.
  4. Extra Layers of Security Protection: Just like vehicle keyless entry systems, business keyless entry systems often employ additional security measures to keep your property safe. These features may affect the price of the system, but many businesses find this worth it, especially if they have a large staff or valuable merchandise kept on the property.

When Should I Contact a Professional?

If you need repairs for your vehicle’s keyless entry system, or you’re curious if it’s possible to upgrade your current locks system to a keyless entry system on your commercial property in Douglasville, GA, contact a certified expert locksmith company, such as Locksmith Douglasville. A locksmith will be capable of performing any needed installations or repairs of most types of keyless entry and access control systems. Be sure to inquire whether or not the service provider has experience with your specific issue before you hire them. Don’t hesitate to shop around to find the best locksmith price and provider.